Genuine selection, taste and flavor! Freshly baked cakes or savory delicacies of the Sicilian tradition at Kilometer 0 and ORGANIC for the right mix of energy and well-being: here is the good morning of the Hotel Sikania!

The taste of
the Sicilian culinary

Taste and flavor in San Vito lo Capo

A breakfast with a unique flavor!

A breakfast lounge, with a simple and functional design, at the Sikania hotel for a good morning welcome in the name of fresh and genuine flavor and taste of the Sicilian tradition.

Sweet and savory products for every taste, with a careful selection of traditional local delicacies, to delight even the most demanding palates.

Hotel Sikania pays particular attention to the requests of its guests by offering, on request, gluten free products, for those with intolerances or specific needs, selecting tasty, fresh, quality, organic and zero-kilometer products.

Freshly baked croissants, steaming cappuccino and much more ...

Breakfast Hotel Sikania

What we offer for breakfast

Sweet or Salty to satisfy all tastes.

The buffet menu, with a selection of fresh baked products, both sweet and savory, offers a taste of the typical flavors of the Sicilian culinary tradition.

For the sweet tooth Sikania offers traditional Sicilian sweets such as cannoli, Genovese stuffed with cream or ricotta and croissants, stuffed with fruit jams.

For lovers of savory breakfast, on the other hand, a selection of fresh locally produced cold cuts and cheeses and the famous Sicilian Cunzato bread.

For a fresh and well-being breakfast, fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables, carefully selected from zero kilometer and ORGANIC products to offer authenticity and freshness. All completed with tea, herbal teas, juices and the inebriant and velvety aroma of coffee and creamy, hot and steaming cappuccino.


  • Sweet and savory
  • Fresh baked products such as Sicilian and Genovese cannoli, and croissants stuffed with fruit jams and almond desserts.
  • Cunzato bread
  • Selection of fresh cold cuts and fresh local cheeses.
  • Fresh ORGANIC products: fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables
  • Coffee, cappuccino, barley coffee, tea, herbal tea, milk

In case of allergies or food intolerances or other taste necessities, we have available gluten-free or specific products, on request.


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